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Original Breakfast House
Named Best Spot for

Breakfast in Arizona!
The Republic | azcentral.com

Phoenix’s Original Breakfast House has been named the top breakfast destination in Arizona and one of 51 best breakfast spots in America.

The nod comes from breakfast-centric Extra Crispy, a year-old Time Inc. website that covers the breakfast and brunch culture.

OBH delivers in the form of meaty eggs and omelets decked with linguica, Arizona beef, chicken-fried steak, ham, Spam, carnitas, or chili, as well as lovingly prepped pancakes and French toast with a bounty of fruity and sweet fillings and toppings," Extra Crispy said in the newly posted article. "If you can’t find your dream breakfast here, you just aren’t trying hard enough.”
Veterans Day
2016​ at OBH 

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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes for Dad!
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes for Dad!
You love cinnamon rolls, you love pancakes but did you ever think of
combining them into one sweet treat!? Original Breakfast House show
us howto make their famous Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!
Check out their special Father's Day menu at.
A Great Gluten
Free Breakfast!

Menus and McMahon:
Original BreakfastHouse
Hey, want to meet up for some breakfast? Well I have a restaurant 
for you. The Original Breakfast House located in Phoenix, AZ.